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V-Band Flange Kit





$66 -  V-Band flange & Clamp kit - "multi-fit" suits both 2.5" & 3" pipe




Brand new STAINLESS STEEL clamp and STEEL flange kit.  Weld on your dump pipe in either 2.5" or 3" piping and off you go!


Suits various OEM turbos and Chinese manufactured copies with 79mm-80mm v-band flange on the turbine outlet, like the T3/T04E turbos seen on eBay.   



If your turbo has a v-band outlet that measures 79mm diameter (78mm & 80mm will work fine too), then this v-band flange and clamp set will suit your turbo.


This is a "Multi-fit" flange that will suit either 2.5” or 3” piping.  Choose pipe size that best suit your needs.  One flange does all!!


Turbo shops quote $100 or more for this combo as the flanges are custom fabricated, and their flanges only suit a single pipe size!!  Ring around and check for yourself.  Grab a bargain at this price!!


V-band flanges are one of the best and easiest ways to seal a turbo, or dump pipe, or naturally aspirated exhaust system, as they seal nice and tight without leaking, and are so easy to pull apart and put back together.  Also ideal if you plan to remove and re-fit the piping often.


Plus you can spin flange in any direction so you can point your dump pipe exactly where you want it to clear engine/sump/bell-housing/chassis, and also make hook-up to your existing exhaust system easier.


Features strong stainless steel v-band clamp so corrosion is not an issue.  Custom multi-fit steel v-band flange that is fabricated to fit either 2.5” or 3” piping.  The one flange does both sizes.  Run either a 2.5” dump pipe or 3” dump with this flange.  Either the 2.5” pipe slides inside the flange, or 3” pipe fits over the outside machined section.  The flange easily welds to steel or stainless exhaust piping.

Suitable for fitment to various OEM turbos and Chinese manufactured copies, that use a 79mm or 80mm v-band flange on the turbine outlet.  You can determine the size required by measuring the largest diameter of the flange.  Be careful!  Some people sell 2.5” and 3” flanges and clamps but these won’t fit your 79-80mm flange turbo.  Their 2.5” and 3” flanges are being sold by the pipe sizes that fit the flange, not by the size of the flange itself.


Typical fitment is with a 2.5” or 3” 90deg mandrel bend to form the dump pipe, as shown in photos.  You are buying the flange and clamp only, dump pipe NOT included.  



Cost = $66.  Postage price is flat rate $12 to anywhere in Australia.  Multiple items get a discount.  Contact us to organise payment and postage, or if you have any other questions, and we will try to reply ASAP.  sales@turbogemini.com