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EFI Turbo Kit



from $2295 - with oval TB EFI manifold and oil cooled turbo kit



This EFI Turbo Kit is a combination of our EFI kit and either our 250hp or 300hp Gemini Turbo kits.  


We can also supply a polished alloy cross over pipe and silicone bends to connect the turbo compressor to the throttle body.  Or you can organise your own intercooler and plumbing.


The kit is designed for an Isuzu G series engine (G161, G180, G200) fitted to a Holden Gemini, models TX-TG, but could easily be used in the engine bays of a Jackeroo, Rodeo, Chev Luv, etc.  It will also bolt on to 4Z series engines (4ZC1. 4ZD1, 4ZE1).



The EFI turbo kit is a combination of our EFI kit and your choice of our 250hp or 300hp turbo kits, although any of our turbo kits could be used.  


Some of the photos on this page are out of date and show older products.  We also have a larger T3/T04E turbo option with the EFI turbo kit for even more power potential.  Just ask/email for more info and a price if you want something different to what's shown in the parts list below.


The kits come with everything needed - it is a complete bolt on kit designed to include every component needed to fit the EFI manifold to the engine and install the complete fuel injection system minus the EFI computer.  The kit comes will all the little parts like gaskets, hose clamps, studs, air filter, etc.  There is no fabrication necessary, it is truly a bolt on EFI kit.  The only extra work required is to wire up an EFI computer and then tune to suit your engine.


The kit is a complete bolt on kit however you will need a computer to run the fuel injection.  Our turbo kits are designed to include every component required for the install, however with EFI, the choice of computer is up to the individual requirements.  You can use a $200 computer that will get you up and running with minimal features, or you can use a $2000 computer with all the bells and whistles.  In most cases, peak power output will be similar with a cheap of expensive computer, but you will pay for extra features, ease of tuning, better torque curve, etc.  The choice is yours.  


Photo of single butterfly TB EFI manifold, fuel system and induction components.

Kit includes: 


- Complete EFI kit (base price is for twin butterfly oval TB version) - see details here.



- New Bosch style 070 VL Turbo spec EFI fuel pump.

- New EFI fuel filter.

- New high & low pressure fuel hoses and clamps

- All fittings required to adapt hose from boot to engine bay.


Exhaust manifold & turbo

- either 250hp or 300hp oil cooled complete turbo kit - see details here.  Kit includes....

- TurboGemini stainless steel tuned length turbo exhaust manifold fitted with T2 turbo flange.

- New Turbocharger (size depends on kit chosen) - water cooled, internal wastegate

- New 2.5" or 3" mandrel bent dump pipe.

- New oil supply and drain fittings/hoses/clamps.

- New water hoses/fittings for water cooled turbo housing.

- New gasket for turbo and exhaust manifold.


Complete fitting instructions for all components

- Simple to follow fitting instructions with photos that guide you through the installation.



 New polished aluminium mandrel bent cross over pipe.

- New silicone hose joiners and bends (red, black or blue).

- New hose clamps and gaskets.


Upgrade to single butterfly round TB EFI manifold


Upgrade to water cooled turbo kit


Email for pricing for these additional options. sales@turbogemini.com



All you need to do is get the exhaust system connected to the supplied turbo dump pipe, then the car should be taken to a dyno workshop to get the mixtures checked under normal and boosted driving conditions.



The kit comes will all the little parts that are needed, like gaskets, hose clamps, studs, nuts and bolts, etc.  There is no fabrication necessary, it is truly a bolt on kit.  



Base price is $2295 plus postage.

For the additional parts like the cross over pipe, or for upgrades to water cooled turbos or the round TB EFI manifold, email for pricing and availability.


We use registered post which includes tracking and insurance.  Price depends on location.  Contact us to get a postage quote (we need your post code), or if you have any other questions and we will try to reply ASAP.  sales@turbogemini.com



One thing that people should keep in mind is that the standard G series engine is very strong.  No strengthening modifications are required to use any of our turbo kits, but even an engine is in decent condition with a safe tune has structural limitations.  We like to recommend an engine with stock internals be limited to the 250hp level. 


When going to the higher power levels possible with the size 300hp turbo, you have really maxxed out the structural strength of the stock components, and any detonation will tend to cause problems.  you do need to plan for higher strength engine internals, primarily forged pistons, improved rods, and a better head gasket seal, either with an MLS head gasket, or an o-ringed block.


Boost levels that are safe to run depend on many factors, octane level of fuel, ignition timing, air temperatures, compression ratio, air/fuel mixtures, etc.  


Stock G series engines usually have a static compression ratio of 8.7:1 or less, which is turbo friendly on high octane fuel.